Thank you to all that auditioned! 
Although there were so many excellent auditions by older students, we had to choose those that fit a certain size and that look like children!
We really want to encourage you very talented teens to audition for our big summer musical as there are many teen roles. 
Watch the website for details. AND, check out our Summer Camp .  An intensive two weeks of vocals, blocking, and choreography, to perform High School Musical.  Camp is limited.
                         WILLY WONKA                                  Damian Gravino
                         GRANDPA JOE                                   Phil Sharp
                         GRANDMA JOSEPHINE                    Beth McMillan
                         GRANDPA GEORGE                         Doug Parker      
                         GRANDMA GEORGINA                    Karen Ladd
                         MR BUCKET                                       Chris Young
                         MRS. BUCKET                                    Maria Gross
                         MRS. GLOOP                                     Donna Watkins
                         MR. SALT                                            Ryan Inlow
                         MRS. SALT                                          Jane Baker
                         MR. TEAVEE                                       Chris Sunderman
                         MRS. TEAVEE                                     Jennifer Lawson
                         MRS. BEAUREGARDE                       Lane Heinsch
                         CHARLIE                                             Mac Smith
                         MIKE TEAVEE                                     Luke Stroder
                         AUGUSTUS GLOOP                          Jaden Marshall

Because we have such talented kids, we are double casting the following roles. Everyone will be in at least two shows.  There will be two different casts, cast #1 and cast #2.

VIOLET BEAUREGARDE                 Brenna Brigman, Bethany Luna

VERUCA SALT                                  Molly Aldridge, Jenna Barling

NARRATORS                                     Jordan Clinton, Sarah Hadash,
                                                           Eva Marcucci, Kimberlyn Schwartz,
                                                           Rebecca Shoemaker, Libby Skaggs,
                                                           Addison Verinder, Quinn Williford,
                                                           Reece Wright

OOMPA LOOMPAS                          Chloe Carpenter, Abigail Cosby,
                                                            Reese Cupps-Webster, Brady Dean,
                                                            Jacob Dean, Victoria Dima,
                                                            Jessica Dowell, Ethan Gatica,
                                                            Callum Heinsch, Lincoln Husbands,
                                                            Jethro Jones, Jillian Kelley, Ava Massacci,
                                                            Madeline McCurry, Kahil Muro,
                                                            Victoria Peter, Joss Rattan, Jillian Rupert,
                                                            Katie Sharp, Mylee Trevino,
                                                            Sophie Tyler, Alyssa Young

CANDY DANCERS/STAGE CREW     Sydney Lanier, Cora Lewis,
                                                            Avery Whightsil, Mackenzie Wilson

Thank you so much for coming to audition for the Best of Broadway production and sharing your talent with Mainstage Classic Theatre!  Each of you has so much talent to offer.

We have chosen 9 cast member from the 20+ considered, this was a very difficult process because of the variety of talent we had to choose from. 
Cast List for 2019 MCT Best of Broadway:
Kirsten McCormick
Bethany Rooke
Chloe’ Williams
Rebecca Watson
David Matthews
Jermaine Kimuyu
Candice Kowalski-Delaney
Tristan Arnold
Dawson Foster
We want all of you to come back and audition for our summer musical as well. Watch our website for more info. 

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